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Friday poll: What score would you give Rage?

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Have the reviewers got it wrong?

Rage is a funny one. It's got the look of a cutting edge shooter, but in many respects the design harkens back to the '90s.... read more

Friday poll: What score would you give Rage?

Postby Skipstream » 21 Oct 2011, 14:41

Earlier this morning Kotaku uploaded a report claiming that the publisher had cancelled Doom 4 in response to Rage's technical troubles and review scores.

I hope this is sooo wrong. Jeez - it's a brand new engine - developers will be queuing up to license the software for their own game surely? I loved the physics engine on it for "ammo impact" - thought it was great!

However, if the published cancels Doom 4 due to technical issues with the engine then ID should go to a new publisher. It's Doom FFS - how wrong can they go with it (and don't throw Duke Nuke 'em at me - I am aware that was shite).

Anyway - Doom 4 would easily sell just due to the name (e.g. MW series!!). ID have made a fun, engaging, simple, old school, pure FPS shooter with Rage and they should be applauded for it (let's not mention the lame racing though ;-).

If it doesn't sell then it's more to do with it landing in the middle of such tough AAA titles - maybe they should have done a ME3 and released it in the new year!
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Re: Friday poll: What score would you give Rage?

Postby Spiderless » 21 Oct 2011, 15:14

It probably wasn't the best time to release it, I agree. But then I'm not interested in MW3 (has it been released yet?) nor Battlefield much anymore (which surprises me). Perhaps we'd have a better ending if it was released later?

I thought the racing in Rage was pretty good, not quite up there with the stellar shooting, but close.

Also I don't think the engine will be used by many other developers, its supposed to be really awkward to use (especially compared to Unreal) due to the megatexture thing, but then I'm no expert.

Its a shame some people hate this game, I would have though a straight-out shooter like this would do well, what with MW being the most popular game today.

So far I'd give Rage a 9/10 reviewed as an FPS, but then I haven't reached the score-murdering ending yet.
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