Lionhead talks Fable sequels: "we are building something mor

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Lionhead talks Fable sequels: "we are building something mor

Postby pauloselhombre » 17 Jul 2012, 13:41

I wish Lionhead would focus on getting 'basic' right before they attempt 'ambitious'. They're starting to become a bit of a joke in my eyes, a sort of poster child for half-baked mediocrity packaged up and marketed as some kind of grand game-changer.
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Re: Lionhead talks Fable sequels: "we are building something

Postby scjh » 17 Jul 2012, 18:48

I am still waiting for Lionhead to produce the addictive magic from the original Fable, i have to say what they produced for Fable 2 & 3 was good, but not great for re-play, it lacked something and well the journey just really dosent appeal at all so will be missed. I think Lionhead could possible learn that maybe lots of changes are a poor idea, maybe keep a fair bit more of what people liked about the original and improve the basics and add a few new ideas that are done well. P.s. can they also not keep saying the game will have this that and the other and not delivering it at all or in the way implied, its frustrating.

(note i accept that some of this argument may seem contradictory)
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Re: Lionhead talks Fable sequels: "we are building something

Postby Grummy » 17 Jul 2012, 20:32

I'm not sure what they expected tbh, people have been disillusioned with Fable for a while now, it's becoming less and less the RPG and more and more an unspectacular jack of all trades. Then they go and show a video that makes it look like they've stripped every last ounce of RPG out of fable and left us with a linear shooter, they have no reason to be shocked that people weren't happy. At this point, I don't think it matters how good this game actually is. If it turns out to be fantastic, it'll be a fantastic spin off, if it sucks, it'll just reinforce peoples beliefs that Fable is a wrecked franchise. They should be working on making a proper Fable 4 that blows us all away, not.....this.
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