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Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer video is MTV meets Alie

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In space, no-one can hear you cut to a montage

Are you feeling insufficiently excitable this morning? Randy Pitchford and the wild stallions at Gearbox can help with that. They've taken what appears to be several Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer matches, chopped them into second-long highlights, and stirred the results together with footage of themselves looking cool and edgy.... read more

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer video is MTV meets Alie

Postby Clanger67 » 07 Aug 2012, 12:16

Hmmm bit worrying about all the debate about acid for blood that that doesn't seem to be the case from the bit where his helmet faceplate gets splashed.Given that in Alien physiology even non fans know that will be a major downer for me if they omit that.
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