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Rumour: first Xbox 720 screenshot reveals Kinect 2 interface

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Durango devkit allegedly slips through Microsoft's fingers

A blurry, part-obscured screenshot of something which purports to be Xbox 720's Kinect 2 development tool has appeared over at Xboxygen. Salt shakers at the ready, please.... read more

Rumour: first Xbox 720 screenshot reveals Kinect 2 interface

Postby Captain_Chao5 » 10 Aug 2012, 09:43

Quote: "the shot suggests that Kinect's successor will be able to recognise clothes and track fingers".

Isn't that one of the supposed updates for the original Kinect?
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Re: Rumour: first Xbox 720 screenshot reveals Kinect 2 inter

Postby TheElderMan » 10 Aug 2012, 21:15

The current cameras just don't have the resolution to do it - there were some demos of clever software to approximate it, but they are not accurate or fast enough.

Next generation with high rez cameras has a much better chance.
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