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Medal of Honor: Warfighter hands-on - starting a fight it ca

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Danger Close's beta is solid, but dangerously unremarkable

Medal of Honor: Warfighter might be the most depressing game I've played since the expectation-defying Amy for Xbox Live Arcade, and that's saying something given that it's not half bad.... read more

Medal of Honor: Warfighter hands-on - starting a fight it ca

Postby eddieb101 » 09 Oct 2012, 15:41

I Completely agree with what you've said so far. I was looking forward to MOH: Warfighter more than any other game this year hoping that it will be better than the first MOH game (which had many failings and bugs) and if the demo is anything to go by then it will be a huge disappointment! I only hope that the demo is an old beta version and not one that resembles the finished product....

I shall wait for you're proper review before i commit to buying the game!
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Re: Medal of Honor: Warfighter hands-on - starting a fight i

Postby smp1987 » 09 Oct 2012, 16:56

Its NOT A DEMO! its a BETA! its to test online connectivity and server lag ect ect. 1.6GB in size which is less then a top end XBLA tile! you cant judge this game by its beta! the textures and other ting have been compressed to fit. it was released to test things not to get people to buy the game. Look at bf3 worst beta ever the game is nothing like the beta was. Don't go judging in on a pre release beta build that is minimum a few months old
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Re: Medal of Honor: Warfighter hands-on - starting a fight i

Postby The Ferret Pants » 10 Oct 2012, 18:46

hang on, i dont remember any bandwagon jumping from darksiders... in fact its one of the most original game series this gen, maybe just for the premise and execution though since it does pinch gameplay from basically everywhere (i still think through this that after a couple of hours the deja vu wears off and it becomes its own thing but hey thats for another time). and wasnt it like the best selling game of the month when it came out?
anyway, MoH:Warfighter - stupid name, unnecessary, basically Battlefield3.5, might sell adequately but will be easily forgotten about.
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