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Third time sucky

You've got to be classy and stylish to succeed in the world of racing games. Cars are cool and sexy. People who drive sexy cars are cool. Look at Ryan Gosling in Drive. Even we have trouble keeping our bibs dry when he breezes across our screens like a long-faced deity.... read more


Postby delmariachi » 12 Oct 2012, 14:19

Wow, exceptionally harsher than I thought.. Thought the demo played quite well.. Is it partly because Forza Horizons been in reviewed that its lost points due to how good the other one is... just curious tbh..

"one wrong flick of the steering wheel and you'll be scraping your fleshy visage off the dashboard"

Erm, isn't that how rallying is? I'm assuming from the demo, its a bit more simmy compared to Dirt 3, which incidentally was awesome to be fair...

Ah well a shame really, may have a look when its reduced, in a month or so, was hoping for better things, although proper rally stages that last a bit longer would be nice in any game... Dirt 3 in that respect didn't cut it for me, despite how good it was..
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Re: WRC 3

Postby OXM ETboy » 12 Oct 2012, 14:24

Thought the demo played quite well.. Is it partly because Forza Horizons been in reviewed that its lost points due to how good the other one is... just curious tbh..

They were reviewed by different writers, but yeah - Milestone didn't do themselves any favours by releasing this close to Horizon :(
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Re: WRC 3

Postby forester1769 » 13 Oct 2012, 14:41

I have to say I disagree with almost everything said in this review.
For a start, the visuals in this game are leagues ahead of the visuals in the previous two releases. Admittedly, by today's standards they aren't anything particularly special, but they are perfectly acceptable.
Now, onto the handling. Play RBR, a long established rally sim, and you get a real sense of what a rally car should feel like. This game really isn't far off RBR, in terms of physics and handling. If you're left "unsatisfied" by the driving experience, you're clearly to used to the arcade style presented by the DiRT series or Forza Horizon.
In short, this is the most realistic rally game you can get on a console at this time. It is a sim, and as such is free of the gimmicky game modes you see in the DiRT titles. It gives a lot of rally fans what they want, a chance to experience what a rally car is like, and to climb their way up in the rallying world. But if you are a fan of arcade racers, then this probably isn't for you.
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Re: WRC 3

Postby beyondtool » 15 Oct 2012, 04:30

Unfortunately this is exactly the same review bashing that happened to Richard Burns Rally, the pinacle rally simulator that is STILL being updated with cars and tracks by a dedicated following a decade later. WRC 3 is the closest I can remember to this style of game and it is a joy with a steering wheel.

What it lacks in style it makes up in substance. Dirt 3 had a great sense of style, but the loose handling model and drive it flat out physics model was terribly boring, and the small number of short tracks made it even worse. It's feedback on the xbox 360 wheels was broken.

So what would you rather have all style and no substance, or a lack of style and a game with a great amount of substance: a good roster of cars and tracks and a difficulty curve that takes more than an afternoon to master? Can we get someone who at least gets this style of game to review it, it is devastating that racing games of this calibre are shown the door just because they are compared to the likes of Dirt and NFS.
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Re: WRC 3

Postby djmillar » 15 Oct 2012, 10:46

Well i'm quite shocked at how far a professional game reviewer can miss the point. You said that this game harks back to the point-to-point racing but for anyone who actual knows anything about rallying that's called 'rallying'.
Comparing the presentation to Dirt is also an insult. Indeed the 'slick presentation' of Dirt might not be something that milestone have achieved but the slick presentation of Dirt is the only thing that is good about it should be noted. Dirt is for people who don't actually like driving games. It's a fun, arcade smash-em-up based on the shiny veneer Ken Block is putting on racing. But just like Block's attempts to look like a real racing driver, falls far short of any actual reality.
If you like the rallying style of racing, point-to-point, precision lines, long technical stages and sim handling then get WRC 3 and ignore this review. A much improved game over WRC 1 and 2 and milestone's first outing that really utilises the wheel.
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Re: WRC 3

Postby BorisTheFrog » 17 Oct 2012, 18:13

Excellent user comments (especially concerning Richard Burns' Rally).

I personally find it quite tasteless that a reviewer can even draw reference to Forza and add the comment "next to nothing new" when chastising a game that quite obviously got down-scored because they found it way too difficult to even make an effort into trying to get to grips with.

Lest we forget that in terms of differing content, Forza 4 was painfully guilty in the "next to nothing new" department!

Perhaps this reviewer also needs reminding that WRC3 is neither Forza nor Dirt (Codemasters have turned this franchise into multi-format americanised sunshine and tarmac nonsense) and comparisons should not even be considered when drawing conclusions.

If this is £6 an issue journalism, feel free to count us out.
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Re: WRC 3

Postby JoeNetto » 21 Oct 2012, 15:38

I just have to say: "what a horrible and completely out of context of a review"

It probably was tough luck for the reviewer that they've released a Demo on LIVE. The game is absolute simulation, not the rubbish stuff that Codemasters have been pouring with DiRTs saga. Also glad that RBR has been mentioned, the last great Rally game made probably beaten/leveled by this one. You actually made me register on your site to post this. I really think that this review posted on the OFFICIAL Xbox Magazine is outrageous. It's like someone said, this just ain't for your sweet little fingers. Probably wanted full track-full accelerator piece of cr*p racing games huh?

What a complete garbage of journalism. One of the main parts of it is research and you completely failed at it, the game may not be perfect (not far IMO) but it sure is way far from the wreck of a game you transmit to the reader!

Fellow Xboxers, for you that are reading, you probably own a Xbox 360 connected online, just play the Demo or try reading a review from another site.

Hope to see you better soon...
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Re: WRC 3

Postby BorisTheFrog » 23 Oct 2012, 10:30

Outside of career, there are quicker time trial events for shorter attention spans, and more time trials in the serviceable but uninspired multiplayer. With room for up to 16 players, WRC3 has the potential for some fun against-the-clock racing, providing you can get a decent party together. But there's only so long the timing boards will keep you entertained.

Outside of career mode there is;

a) A full WRC championship mode where you can set up an official or custom rally season across 1-13 of the official
circuits included in the game using any car within the three classes available.

b) A 2-4 player hotseat challenge. Race against friends in a turn based challenge across any stage/s included in the game.

c) Single stage rally events to hone your skills across varying terrains.

d) Online multiplayer which you do indeed race against 1-16 real opponents in either ghost mode (all opponents visible)
or solo (no opponents visible), with six checkpoint times in either mode to give you your position + time differences
in each race.

In every single option mentioned above you are racing against either real or AI opponents - at no time are you just having a "time trial" for the "timing boards".

Dude, you could have at least played the game before submitting such a half-baked, inaccurate negative review.

If it's going to be criticised then lets do it for the right reasons.
WRC is not the best thing since sliced bread and has it's fair share of annoyances and quirks.

*Small item (roadside) collision detection is still as irritating as ever and there's nothing more frustrating than a small rock stopping the car dead.

*The car unlock system in career mode is weak on several fronts
a) Some vehicles are unlocked right at the very end of career mode, rendering their inclusion quite pointless - unless you want to go back and do the stages again.
b) Unlockable cars don't intergrate into the game outside of career mode so their useage is very limited and does seem rather a wasted opportunity. If nothing else, why not give the option to use these cars online because online times don't contribute towards the leaderboards.

*The co-driver still loses his voice for the next several corners when you land a big jump heavilly. Quite irritating when it's not really your fault.

*Rewind mode. Just another form of cheating!

*Audio glitches. The car frequently loses its sound fx and sounds like a 1960's spaceship. Goto finland, start the race and then pause it briefly. Continue the game and all the sound fx have gone!

*I don't know if it's my xbox but the game has a nasty habit of freezing on the rally of Wales.

Of course, playing the game will highlight the above issues - which probably explains why none were mentioned in the review ;)
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Re: WRC 3

Postby Alfadan » 15 Nov 2012, 12:01

Just wanted to add I totally agree with the above comments. These professionals just can't keep going round giving games bad marks with no real research or justification.
It's the nearest to rbr we will get on console.

It's good with the speed wheel too.

Speaking of fans
I've just started an dedicated forum for wrc 3 for fans of the game and the series alike.

Join up here

Would like to get a little following together and support the game.

Nice website though oxm
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Re: WRC 3

Postby Uncle dozens » 01 Dec 2012, 18:50

I really dont want to jump straight onto the "hate" bandwagon on this review but having totally ignored the professional, bought the game and played it, I have to agree with the comments others have made.

I can only assume that the professional writers have been blinded by the same Ken Block Americanised games like Dirt 3 and cant appreciate a proper, decent rally game when it comes along.

Where can this game possibly go wrong. It has the official cars, teams, liveries and tracks from the WRC calender and line up. The car models look great, sound brilliant and handle like a dream. The courses look fantastic and there is plenty of variety. Whats more i can finally enjoy proper rallying without some pillock shouting "Dude" in my ear.

I dont have to piss around pulling off tricks in a car park in order to progress. I have to think about the amount of damage I'm causing in case i dont have enough time to repair between stages. I have to think about the car set up to get the car how i want it.

My only criticism is the game is bloody hard - but I could have easily been softened up too much by the newer Codemasters efforts.

I dont remember being this excited by a rallying game since i first played the awesome Colin Mcrae Rally back on my PS one - after playing the demo for a solid hour i had to rush straight out and buy it and I've been hooked on the series since - but have been left feeling empty and unfulfilled by the Dirt series of games.

I would say that if you like proper rallying buy this game, and totally ignore the awful review

I only hope the writer has an opportunity to redeem himself and doesnt affect game sales by his actions
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