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All Stars: 30 years of Sega history in 63 laps

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Sumo's kart racer takes us back to our childhoods

I never played Skies of Arcadia, brightest and breeziest of the Dreamcast's small payload of JRPGs, but somehow, blasting around the sparsely wooded hills of Rogue's Landing aboard a whirring steampunk race car feels like coming home. It's not just that the scenery drips nostalgia, a heart-warming medley of stubby chimney pots and mauve sunsets - the stage is an ode to a genre defined by nostalgia, the role-player of the late 1990s. Its roped-together chunks of airborne earth and stone recall an age when every "capital city" had a maximum of five shops, when everybody brought a sword to a gunfight, and being born in some godforsaken backwater meant you were destined to save the universe.... read more

All Stars: 30 years of Sega history in 63 laps

Postby omallystwin » 15 Oct 2012, 12:07

i may be nearly 30 but just thinking of this game gives me shivers!!!
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