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Painkiller HD - Bulletstorm's ancestor shows that old school

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Backpedal to victory!

The first thing that strikes you about Hell and Damnation - a remake of the original Painkiller which includes content from the sequel, Battle Out Of Hell - is how much it resembles the thuggishly creative Bulletstorm. The guns all have the same, convenient case of multiple-personality disorder: the default is a sawed-off shotgun whose alternate fire freezes enemies to smashable statues, and in short order you're handed an ultra-precise crossbow which doubles as an ultra-imprecise grenade launcher. Messy.... read more

Painkiller HD - Bulletstorm's ancestor shows that old school

Postby hujiki » 17 Oct 2012, 10:23

wow, the screen shops look pretty good, if its any thing like Bulletstorm then i might actually give it a shot...
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