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Halo 4 updates may add clans, Theatre Mode campaign support

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"We're looking at interesting ways to improve those experiences"

Forthcoming Halo 4 updates may add Theatre Mode (or if you're a Yankee, Theater Mode) support for campaign and Spartan Ops, Halo Waypoint queen Jessica O'Shea has announced. 343 is also looking into re-introducing clans, and displaying more combat data to players on the fly.... read more

Halo 4 updates may add clans, Theatre Mode campaign support

Postby Tbwill4321 » 02 Nov 2012, 16:16

I'm glad to see that 343i is finally taking advantage of the updates feature in a way more than bug fixes and weapon stabilization. If they can manage to create a decent way of providing rich new content post-launch, I would expect to see the same approach being used in a majority of other games as well.

As a web developer, I have been looking around for the past month or two and only found a few places to actually get the information about players stats, and none of them are very well supported. When O'Shea says that they will have the player data stored, I think they are going to use an open interface to allow us to access this. It will be so very helpful with creating richer websites.

It's too bad about Theatre Mode in Campaign, but I honestly never spent much time wanting to go back over my campaign experience.

Clan support is something I am begging for. Gathering from O'Shea, it sounds like they are planning on releasing something post-launch for this, so I will probably be missing this on game day 1. As for how it will be set up, I go over my thoughts on what I expect it to look like in an article.

I'm glad for the information, since launch is approaching quickly. I'll be watching for any information I might have missed in the comments as well. If I did miss anything, make sure to call me out on it! :D
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