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Halo 4: the astonishing real-life prequel

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OXM clambers into a foxhole with Master Chief

There's a secret prequel to Halo 4 and it can never be played again. It took place in Liechtenstein on the chilly evening of 30 October, when OXM and 71 other members of the Halo community and press were flown into Zurich, handed a UNSC science team briefing pack, and hustled aboard two coaches where we were greeted by UNSC Lieutenant Henderson and Sergeant Rooker.... read more

Halo 4: the astonishing real-life prequel

Postby BlackhawkTenan » 02 Nov 2012, 17:41

Okay so how do I get a job at OXM?? :D I bet they could sell it as a year round attraction. Also...Halo paintball?
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Re: Halo 4: the astonishing real-life prequel

Postby Plamsa wing » 02 Nov 2012, 17:51

To the untrained eye, a gaggle of unfit, wheezing journos clumsily crouch-dashing through the dark must have looked laughably lame.

If the power of imagination is anything to go by, then I'd say, yes, yes it is.
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Re: Halo 4: the astonishing real-life prequel

Postby Afrolicious » 02 Nov 2012, 22:41

Maybe it felt a bit too nerdy, but I bloody wish I was there!
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