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Hitman: Absolution hands-on: Contracts, crowd control and th

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"Forget any worries you may have had about 47 going 'casual'"

The magic of Hitman games has never been the scripted story. It's the sense of exploring and experimenting in the levels. Every mission feels like a new toybox, full of people to play with and areas to explore. Anyone can burst in and go nuts with a shotgun, but carrying out the perfect kill required careful thought, planning and experimentation.... read more

Hitman: Absolution hands-on: Contracts, crowd control and th

Postby fracturedrich » 04 Nov 2012, 22:11

ime really looking forward to this and i hope its hard ,.ive got a few friends who are getting this on day 1 and i no we are looking forward to out smarting each other.
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