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What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

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The end of the year approaches. It is a dark time, when energy bills sky-rocket, the number of must-buy releases swells to impractical proportions, and family members arrive to plague you with their stupid demands for love and attention. Consider this article an oasis in the desert, reader - a place to stand, take a deep breath and reflect on the past twelve months.... read more

What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby golliwoza » 16 Nov 2012, 13:16

I have purchased most of the games I have wanted this year but none of the blockbusters really grabbed me as an awsome game, just good. Halo 4 was alright if foregettable and no doubt I will keep playing the multiplayer, I have barely scratched the surface of Dishonoured and I would like to get further in but there is something about it not grabbing me. Transformers FoC had me grabbed throughout the campaign with a grin on my face but the multiplayer I soon gave up with. As for my overall GOTY I would have to go with the Silent Hill HD collection. It may have been a bit of a mess with some awful tech issues and bugs but it is the only game I have kept going back to play, I love it to bits and I will certainly keep going back to it.
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What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby BlackhawkTenan » 16 Nov 2012, 13:19

From the games i've played (and thats not many of the new ones) my vote is for Halo 4. :D
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby FishyGinger » 16 Nov 2012, 13:44

I'll get back to you in 2015.

I've only played a few new ones this year, max payne, mass effect, halfway through AC3, counter strike and think that's about it. Out of those it's probably mass effect.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby DGR1980 » 16 Nov 2012, 13:45

GOTY - XCom. Its not even close
2nd Place - Dragons Dogma
Joint Third - Forza Horizon / Ghost Recon Future Soldier / Mass Effect 3
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby Clanger67 » 16 Nov 2012, 13:53

Eventhough i haven't played it obviously i reckon Far Cry 3 will be for me though.But also Minecraft given that is out. :D

Second place would have to be Dragon's Dogma great times with the regs. on here. :D

Third i would say Dishonoured.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby kronk10 » 16 Nov 2012, 14:24

For me its got to be

1st. Xcom it is so different to any other game out there at the moment yes it has its flaws but it tried something new and pulled it off!
2nd. Borderlands 2 have not stopped playing this since my brother got it i have to admit the single player feels a bit naff it is a co-op game and feels odd if you play it through on single player
3rd. Dishonoured my first play through was rushed and i felt like the game was missing something so i gave it anouther go and it is brilliant! Explore everywhere and you will be rewarded !
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby NinthGeorgesw » 16 Nov 2012, 14:33

I've barely played any new games this year. Of the few I have played though, my favourites have been Mass Effect 3, Sleeping Dogs, and the Walking Dead game. I'd probably say Sleeping Dogs was best though.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby CunningSmile » 16 Nov 2012, 14:39

Most of the big name AAA sequels have been a real disappointment to me this year with both Borderlands and Assassins Creed standing out as not being nearly as good as they should have been.

As a result I think Dishonoured and Sleeping Dogs get my vote. Both tried new things with existing formats and while neither was spot on they were both highly enjoyable and soaked up loads of time.

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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby godoflemmings » 16 Nov 2012, 14:44

I'm torn between Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2.

On one hand, despite the ending, ME3 was an epic, incredible journey. Apart from the odd hiccup in writing (THAT conversation with Jacob on the Citadel being the chief culprit) it was almost perfect. Of course the ending was a let-down, but the concept of it was fine, it was just the execution that failed, something the Extended Cut and Leviathan DLCs have pretty much fixed between them. Also, the multiplayer was surprisingly addictive, and by now it probably accounts for more of my time spent on ME3 than the single player.

On the other hand, Borderlands 2 is just ludicrous fun, is pretty challenging, and it has the most likeable main antagonist since GLaDOS. What more could you ask? Nearly 2 months since release, I've got 3 level 50 characters and I'm still struggling to put it down.

The fanboi in me feels like I should say ME3, but I'm gonna have to go for Borderlands.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby RickyBlaze » 16 Nov 2012, 14:56

I didn't buy a considerable amount of games this year but from what I have played I'd say XCOM was by far the most original game I've played, not to mention addictive, and is probably my favourite game of the year.

A close second would be Mass Effect 3 which was almost perfect. Although it had an epic blostbuster feel, with amazing scenery and excellent character storylines and deaths, I really never felt any of the tough decisions I agonised over made any difference to the eventual outcome, and obviously the ending was a little rubbish.

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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby Captain_Chao5 » 16 Nov 2012, 15:18

My surprise game of the year was Dishonoured. It wasn't on my radar and I bought it on recommendation from a mate. having completed it twice now, I'd still go back for more. Love it.

Assassins Creed 3 (so far) is not gripping me the way the previous ones have.

London 2012 was good while the games were on - but is now about to be traded in before it's worthless.

I played Batman Arkham City quite a lot (it was an xmas present) and also GoldenEye (another xmas present).

Minecraft got a bit boring after a while.

I guess in summary Batman would have to be my GOTY, but I'm looking forwards to 'something' new to get me addicted again.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby msbhvn » 16 Nov 2012, 15:59

Dragon's Dogma and Sleeping Dogs were both stand-out original games in what has been a very sequel-heavy year. I've just bought Dishonoured today (because my local GAME had the special edition with the tarot cards for £29.99), so I'll have to see how that stacks up.

I've really enjoyed Borderlands 2, the first DLC was meh, but the main game is really compulsive. It has its problems but it's the game I've played the longest this year.

My biggest disappointment was Darksiders 2. Limp, half-empty and there was barely any story at all. It could have been so much better and the latest DLC is around half an hour long making the season pass a gigantic rip-off.

The less said about Mass Effect 3, the better. BioWare definitely aren't on my Christmas card list. :wink:
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby Grummy » 16 Nov 2012, 16:00

I can't say Batman really counts considering it was released last year. Surely GotY should mean games released that year?

For me, GotY is XCOM without a shadow of a doubt, it's phenomenal. Dragon's Dogma comes in at a close and very respectable 2nd place. I'd have to give 3rd place to Lego Batman 2 for really stepping up. It'd have been easy for them to leave the Lego games as they were and still make the same sales they always do, but they haven't, they stepped up, made some great changes and made the games much much better, so much so that they can now be genuinely considered as real gaming options alongside usual suspects from CoD, AC, Fifa and the rest without seeming like a lightweight 'kids game'.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby PaladinRonin » 16 Nov 2012, 16:06

While I have really enjoied Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed III, I'd have to say Skyrim becasue of the amount of roleplaying possabilities there are, plus the smooth feel of the entire game. The improved hotkey mechanics, the ability for duel weilding, holding a weapon in one hand and magic in the other is such a great idea.
The general improvements in magic is great too. Holding down the cast button to project a pillar of flame or charging a spell with the spell in both hands really adds to the feel and flavour of the game. The improved skill system is a better overhaul from Oblivion.
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Re: What's your Xbox 360 game of 2012?

Postby Plamsa wing » 16 Nov 2012, 16:17

Being one of the only four games that didn't disappoint me this year, I have to go for XCOM : Enemy Unknown for my personal GotY. Apart from Dragon's Dogma, it's the most fun I've had this year in gaming.

Second I'd say Dragon's Dogma, as I said, I had alot of fun playing that. If it wasn't for Matt and his videos I wouldn't have bought it, so a big thank you for Matt is in order I think. We had a pretty good thread going too!

I'm not really sure on a third, so I'll that out.

Being a big fan of the series I would have liked to add Mass Effect 3, but frankly it was one of the most disappointing games of the year for me.
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