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Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sparta

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An honour roll of heroes and idiots

We haven't reviewed Halo 4's fourth Spartan Ops episode this week, as it shares too much content with previous episodes to justify rattling out another 1000-word elegy to Firefight. Instead, I thought I'd take a few moments to celebrate a few of the people who've made my time with Spartan Ops worthwhile, often by being absolute bloody nuisances.... read more

Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sparta

Postby Raluph » 28 Nov 2012, 19:45

I played with one guy who gave a commentary of anything he did. Kind of like the noob hunter battlefield guy crossed with Gary Linekar. It was hilarious
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Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sparta

Postby Droidsbane » 28 Nov 2012, 19:46

when playing the mantis level on co-op once, there were this guy, who kept running me over in a ghost, then during the mantis part, he started blowing up anyone in a mantis with a plasma pistol and plasma grenades, it caused the match to last much longer than it should have.
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Re: Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sp

Postby Waffles2541 » 28 Nov 2012, 20:12

Leutenant-General Backstabber MacPillock

Your were the guy who for some unknown reason thought it would be incredibly funny to jump into a mantis in Episode 3 and merrily shoot the crap out of the rest of your team, who were just trying to bring down the legions of covenant aircraft flying around like moth to a flame. But soon we had enough of your treacharous antics and teamed up to put you in your place. Time and time again you would attempt to jump back into your Mantis and time and time again we got sweet satisfaction from blowing your ass up.

Kat's Cousin

You were the guy who clearly had not passed his ghost piloting course. Floating around like an over excited jellyfish, you would blast across the map completely unaware of absolutely everything in existence. Whenever a fight turned up you would merrily steam-roll right through the middle of the battle, sending more Spartans to their graves than those Covie bastards. While you were a great sight to see, with your lovely purple ribbons flying behind you, you became an absolute pest.

The Rock

To the brilliant man whose controller clearly needed a good charging, thank you for continuiously pulling me out of the fire by drawing it all to you. While it is clear that you either had some form of motor neuron disease, or the attention span of a brain dead goldfish, you had the truly excellent ability to draw every form of fire thrown at us. You will be sorely missed.
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Re: Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sp

Postby beeteelle » 28 Nov 2012, 20:14

I was once after the 'Knight in White Assassination' achievement with a bunch of friends, all of whom had it with the exception of me and my 'Best friend'. Upon the discovery of a knight, I quickly distracted it with a sneaky hologram and got the assassination. Unbeknownst to me, my 'Best friend' thought he was going for the kill, snatching a yoink in the process. Then, he preceeded to swear down the mic that it was I who had so rudely yoinked his oppurtunity, despite me being in mid- animation. Finally, another knight appeared, and my friends left it alone for me take. However, with no mic in place, i was helpless to protest when my 'Best friend' decided that my rythmatic dance with the knight was not desparation for an assassination, but a ploy of mockery, and quickly put a sword through the beast, convincing my friends that i had already acquired the assassination prior to this match, and was only messing around. Well done HAL XD - You have brought new meaning to 'Rage Quit'.
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Re: Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sp

Postby Metalrodent » 28 Nov 2012, 21:44

the Matis betrayers in Ep 2 mission 4 are annoying, however they are not all trolls - when a mantis is destroyed a new one nearly immediatly spawns, creating a healthy vehicle for you to use (if however, your Mantis is a not a flaming wreck, then they are simply arseholes)
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Re: Helpful and harmful people I have met playing Halo 4: Sp

Postby PonderingWalrus » 29 Nov 2012, 23:00

I was playing the final mission of episode 4 today and, as we were all running to fight the incoming Covenant, one of my teammates proceeded to hop into a nearby ghost and splatter me from behind.

Yes, even in a game where friendly fire is turned off, this guy still succeeded in killing me.
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