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Zone of the Enders HD Collection

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Kojima's side-project mechs a very good second impression

The rise of HD compilations has, in a way, led to a brisk trade in self-delusion. Done right (no-one mention Silent Hill) and they're essentially the benefit of hindsight in physical form. Sadly, they often highlight the aging aspects that can't be perked up. Playing Metal Gear Solid 2 again was nice, but dealing with those fixed camera angles? Nightmare.... read more

Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Postby SidTheSloth » 03 Dec 2012, 19:23

Was a big fan of these little beauties back in the day, anyone who hasn't played them would do well to give them a look. I can't justify with everything else about spending money on games i've already played, even for the gamerscore and trip down memory lane!

Nice to see that a good idea in a game remains a good idea though, regardless of age!
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