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Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer - not the Left 4 Dead c

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In space, nobody can hear you scream insults at your co-op partners

The terror potential of an Alien lies not in its unearthly speed, strength or razor-sharp appendages, but its capacity for staying still. There's a sequence in Ridley Scott's expanded version of the original film when the camera pulls away, ever so fleetingly, to dwell on a cluster of anomalous mechanisms dangling from a chain. It's not till a good 30 seconds after the perspective shifts back to Brett that you realise you've been looking at the creature itself, awaiting Scott's cue in the darkness of the Nostromo's engine room.... read more

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer - not the Left 4 Dead c

Postby Baryonyx » 12 Dec 2012, 19:11

This sounds worrying. I was hoping the clunky Alien animation would have been smoothed out by now!
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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer - not the Left 4 De

Postby SkinnerChinner » 13 Dec 2012, 12:07

I was expecting exactly that - an Aliens take on Horde/Left 4 Dead - and looking forward to it! Relive the film's last stand in the Med Lab, escaping through the ducts with a few friends? Or navigate through the Hive, rescuing capitives? Yes please! Might not be anything new (throw in some objective based modes to spice things up), but the game is Aliens: Colonial Marines - should have left it as the Grunts!
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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer - not the Left 4 De

Postby PaladinRonin » 13 Dec 2012, 14:18

Hmm, I agree this looks worrying. I was hoping for a well-made L4D2 clone. Well, I say "clone" but L4D2 is such a well made game that having simular mechanics in a diffrent game, such as Aliens: Colonial Marines should sound like fun, being in a diffrent theme, but this article does make it sound a bit skewd.
The video also shows Xenomorphs running in open ground towards the Marines, which seems far too lenier when they really should be hiding, waiting to pouce. I can only hope that was just the action-packed trailer and that the aliens will have far better stealth abilities.
Level design would play a major part, as it has done in L4D2. The wrong kind of level can lend weight to one side or the other. That, and making the Xenomorphs spawn anyway out of sight of the Marines, as the Speical Infected can do in L4D, would be a massive advantage over set spawn points.
Lets hope these are small flaws which will be ironed out. I would be dissapointed if the multiplayer was stagnant.
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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer - not the Left 4 De

Postby fracturedrich » 26 Jan 2013, 15:28

Looks worrying is not the right thing to say,ive heard this game being killed by everyone whos played it,they have messed it up and the sales will show it,it will be 20 pound within a month,just like moh warfighter,and like the latter i wont be buying it.
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