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Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premium K

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Microsoft is hiring for a new Entertainment Division team to take what you know about Kinect, ball it up and throw it out the window. Sirs, madams - I like the cut of your hyperbole.... read more

Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premium K

Postby msbhvn » 12 Dec 2012, 20:30

What they should have done was not to put crappy cheap components in Kinect at the last minute, and then it might actually work! Kinect is a great idea, completely ruined by the fact that the technology isn't up to scratch. The longer they spend releasing Wii knock-offs that are about as responsive as a housebrick, the less likely people will embrace Kinect when there's some power behind it. Just draw a line under Kinect and relaunch it with the next Xbox.
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Re: Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premi

Postby Vegetunks9000 » 12 Dec 2012, 22:19

have to agree dude. I love using my Kinect for the Speech recognition. But the tracking is pretty bad at times. It's time to focus on the Kinect 2.0
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Re: Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premi

Postby Pompey78 » 12 Dec 2012, 23:07

Got rid of my Kinect after being a fool and buying in to the hype although I did wait a good 6months after it was launched to waste £100 on it :)

Agree that as they changed out various components just prior to launching it they have adversely effected the product. While I'm looking forward to seeing the next gen Xbox I have zero interest in kinect or it's successor unless it:

1) can show in the real world that it works as it's supposed too
2) that it works in UK sized living rooms and not just 45ft american sized rooms. I only have about 5-6ft between the sofa and the TV, so less when you stand up to 'play' a kinect game.
3) that AAA games actually make use of Kinect rather than being an after thought or small side show.
4) no lag

The only real use I got from Kinect in the 6 months I had it was playing ME3 although it was just as quick to press a button on the controller as it was to speak a command. Oh and my 5yr old liked a couple of the Kinect childrens games.

I have to say since trading it in for a couple of games I haven't missed Kinect at all. Which says something about the impact it's had on me as a gamer.
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Re: Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premi

Postby Captain_Chao5 » 13 Dec 2012, 12:11

I too got carried away by the Kinect Hype and DID fork out £129 for a release day delivery. <MUG>

It promised so much and delivered little. Yes there are some good games, but if you rule out dancing and exercise the rest are pretty sub-standard wii rip offs. I don't want my console to become an 'entertainment centre' so I don't use voice control to activate films, etc so it sits there gathering dust.

I will be very wary about Kinect 2 and wait to see if it actually justifies the hype this time.
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Re: Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premi

Postby glavias » 23 Jan 2013, 13:20

I use my kinect for watching videos, and skyrim.. that's it.. Being a Skyrim nut.. I think it's worth it just for that to be honest.
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Re: Microsoft forms new team to deliver "top-secret", "premi

Postby Xbox11 » 24 Jan 2013, 10:29

Like its been said already , Its been a let down this gen , Let's hope that if Microsoft truly are building it into the next Xbox they make it work this time, Lag is the biggest if not only factor that will make or break it.
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