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The OXM Breakdown - 2012

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As the dust settles on the Mayan apocalypse, Log takes a long look back

The final OXM Breakdown of the year is in, and naturally, it's about the year that was. Join Log for a whistle-stop tour of the past 12 months which encompasses the death of survival horror, E3, spider sex, my doomed love of Binary Domain, the Jet Set soundtrack, Matt's Shinta Nijiri impression and, for some horrible reason, "two girls one cup".... read more

The OXM Breakdown - 2012

Postby DarthTwitch » 21 Dec 2012, 12:43

The Breakdowns just get better and better. Thanks for this, and thanks a lot, Matt - I nearly choked to death on my breakfast watching your reaction to that 2 Girls 1 Cup abomination.
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The OXM Breakdown - 2012

Postby schwepterbrowser » 21 Dec 2012, 12:44

:lol: Fantastic as usual, Log!

Almost everything I've played this year has been crushingly disappointing. I actually haven't gotten round to playing a lot of the big releases, though, so I'll hang fire before dismissing the year as mostly shit. I played the demo for Binary Domain and thought it was pretty dire, however, so I may just be getting cynical in my young age...
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Re: The OXM Breakdown - 2012

Postby Plamsa wing » 21 Dec 2012, 15:33

I've just watched Log perform a sexual act on two invisible men, what are the seven signs of the apocalypse again?
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Re: The OXM Breakdown - 2012

Postby msbhvn » 21 Dec 2012, 20:01

Poor Matt! I bet he put in his resignation the next day, didn't he? I don't blame him one bit, you psychotic bastards! :cry:

It was fun to watch him squirm, though. :twisted:

Hardly a comprehensive review of the year, but having covered most of this year's issues in previous Breakdowns, there's not all that much left. Masterful description of E3 2012, but would have been even better if you'd used brown sauce! :lol:
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Re: The OXM Breakdown - 2012

Postby Decent_Jam » 22 Dec 2012, 11:11

Good old satire. These videos really do tend to hit the nail on the head, now we demand US standard production qualities and turn around so we can have them every week.

This year has been pretty good for gaming, all told. I think I need to buy and play a few more of the games mentioned here really, just so I beat off any resemblance of a social life.

Keep up the good work Mr Blyth.

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Re: The OXM Breakdown - 2012

Postby Bezza89 » 24 Dec 2012, 21:59

To do; Breeding candidates.

Very good, sir.
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