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Army of Two: Devil's Cartel - a real-world shooter that blow

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"Every bullet you fire has been imbued with the spirit of Michael Bay"

Trashy action movies always seem to be celebrated with lashings of guilty-pleasure glee, but there's a tendency for videogame equivalents to get glared at as if they've done something wrong. We can't recall when this hypocrisy started, but we suspect that realistic modern shooters are partially to blame. It's almost as if all of the military specialists that publishers have paid to promote their games have convinced us that die-hard realism is a vital part of any good shooter. The Devil's Cartel is a reminder that it isn't.... read more

Army of Two: Devil's Cartel - a real-world shooter that blow

Postby Organic Carrot » 02 Jan 2013, 10:08

This looks pretty epic and the frostbite engine is definitely doing it justice. This has been moved up on my most wanted list for sure.
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Re: Army of Two: Devil's Cartel - a real-world shooter that

Postby Lancer Armstrong » 03 Jan 2013, 23:46

I just hope the control scheme gets a serious overhaul. Taking cover in the last game was a real annoyance. Shit like staying crouched when you leave cover was just terrible. When I think of Army of Two, I think of unnecessary button presses. Constantly having to take myself out of crouch mode was just so damn irritating. Plus, having to switch weapons should never take more than a single button press. Learn from the greats, Army of Two.

Most irritating: constantly having to babysit your partner. F-ing horrible. You don't get that kinda crap in Gears, Halo or CoD. I know it's a very co-op centric game, but damn, let me at least play the game without having to constantly breastfeed my A.I. buddy.
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