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Secret LucasArts Xbox 360 shooter unveiled - Tomb Raider, Bu

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Is it Star Wars: First Assault?

No, it probably isn't Star Wars: Battlefront 3 - and you, Mr Carrying A Candle For Free Radical, need to learn to let go. There's so much else to live for, besides scampering into battle alongside dozens of clone troopers and Jedi. An unannounced shooter, for instance. I don't know much about it yet, but the fact that LucasArts is developing the game alongside Star Wars 1313 suggests that it'll be another next generation console effort.... read more

Secret LucasArts Xbox 360 shooter unveiled - Tomb Raider, Bu

Postby PonderingWalrus » 14 Jan 2013, 15:55

Could be good. But it's not Battlefront 3.

I REFUSE TO LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Secret LucasArts Xbox 360 shooter unveiled - Tomb Raider

Postby Shamanix » 14 Jan 2013, 17:26

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