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The Cave

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Ron Gilbert's new characters are a different kind of SCUMM

An explorer, a knight, a scientist, a hillbilly, a monk, a time traveller and some twins walk into a magical, talking cave. They're all terrible people. Ron Gilbert's been using adventure games to tell jokes for many years now, but they've rarely felt so dark.... read more

The Cave

Postby Sandbwoy » 22 Jan 2013, 22:33

This could turn out to be an enjoyable experience. It's certainly different to any other game I've played in a long while, and could make for a nice little change. The silly cartoony graphics are easy on the eye, and the gameplay doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I'll give this one a try.
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Re: The Cave

Postby Crisco » 29 Jan 2013, 19:06

I played the demo yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. It's something quite new and, although it's short, could have decent replay value if the puzzles are different depending on which characters you use.
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