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Microsoft almost bought Sega to crush PlayStation, former ex

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But Bill Gates "didn't think that SEGA had enough muscle to eventually stop Sony"

Microsoft once considered buying venerable publisher Sega to counter Sony's PlayStation business, the company's former vice president of Windows sales has revealed. Sonic the Hedgehog - the brother-in-law Master Chief never had?... read more

Microsoft almost bought Sega to crush PlayStation, former ex

Postby kevicus12 » 09 Feb 2013, 16:11

Bill Gates deciding Sega didn't have the muscle to beat Sony: he was right, of course, but Sega with Microsoft behind it? That would've been pretty fearsome. Ok, the Dreamcast ended up sounding Sega's console-making deathbell but nobody can deny it was a great system, and more than capable of giving the Playstation a run for it's money. A Dreamcast 2/X-Box hybrid would've had more than enough muscle to take on Sony.
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Re: Microsoft almost bought Sega to crush PlayStation, forme

Postby Furie » 10 Feb 2013, 23:44

I honestly don't see why IGN are interviewing this guy. They keep printing his ramblings about the next generation Xbox as if it's gospel, but the guy hasn't worked for Microsoft for eleven years. He left the company in a cloud of shame after trying to boost his efficacy by bullying companies that wanted other operating systems, meaning he's either the worst person to do business with or a scapegoat. Both seem to leave him in no position to know a thing about even the first gen Xbox, nevermind the next. As for his SEGA stuff, it may be true or the ramblings of someone who is riding a wave of sudden and unexpected relevance again.
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