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New Legacy of Kain project revealed - possible artwork spott

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Square Enix trademarks - could this be that 2011 animation project?

This weekend might have been the best weekend ever for yours truly. Sure, the weather was rubbish, the washing machine broke and at one point I got my character's foot stuck in Dark Souls, metres from a very inconsiderate fireball-throwing necromancer. But news that the Legacy of Kain series could be mounting a comeback washed all that despair and suffering away. Arise, Raziel. You are reborn.... read more

New Legacy of Kain project revealed - possible artwork spott

Postby bobknight1 » 11 Feb 2013, 14:27

Well thats improved my Monday.
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Re: New Legacy of Kain project revealed - possible artwork s

Postby OXM ETboy » 11 Feb 2013, 14:45

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Re: New Legacy of Kain project revealed - possible artwork s

Postby CunningSmile » 11 Feb 2013, 15:00

In the mean time this is one series I'd quite like an HD version of. Even if they spliced the 5 games together to form a single recap game I'd be happy as it's been so long I've had to look up on Wiki to remind myself of what's happened.
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Re: New Legacy of Kain project revealed - possible artwork s

Postby SyTTB » 21 Mar 2013, 11:30

May contain spoilers

"videogame animation pitch"

I'd like to add before going on that I'm in love with the LOK games and have all from Blood Omen 1 up to Defiance and Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say Raziel won't be showing up if this indeed a new LOK game. Unless he's going to grab a time streaming portal and go and kill Kain's mother so all of that never happened but anyone whose played Soul Reaver 2 knows "history abhors a paradox" and he'd be killing his present self so technically wouldn't be able to commit the act.

From the given images I'm working on opinion and speculation.
This could be a game in which we play as Raziel in the lead up to him becoming the spectral wraith. Vampire Raziel from the moment he's resurrected by Kain to the moment he's thrown to the abyss by Turel and Dumah.

My next idea is for producers to try and "rekindle" the series but using a new character, we know the fate of Kain and Raziel and that the brothers hung around close to Kain and evolved and Raziel ended them, but Soul Reaver 1 left out Turel and fixed the plot line to appear in Avernus in Defiance, which is set before the events of SR1.
Taking into account the twisted mythology of the LOK series which the developers will do. This could be (as the pictures resembles no likeness to Kain or Raziel) Turel's travel through time at the hands of Azimuth the Planer's and her experiments in time-travel. This would also explain what looks like winged vampires in the last frame, With Turel at the helm and darting back and forth in time, we may witness the Razielim Vampires destruction as referenced in Soul Reaver 1 when Raziel goes home.

It could also be a simple reboot of Blood Omen 1 as it was a flat Zelda style adventure. which will lead to a reboot of the whole series.

The other speculation to the animation pitch is a movie or mini series. A Live Action movie won't work and I don't think a Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children style feature will sell well as this series has been lost in time to the likes of modern elder scrolls games, RPG's and shooters.

Of course this is nothing more than opinion and ideas. Despite my love of the series I'd fear where it goes. If you can enjoy the games and understand its story, history and timeline you will be looking forward to this but also worrying about what they may do to it.

I personally would like the HD version but I'd be lying if i said I wouldn't immediately buy any game, book or movie LOK related.

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