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Dead Space 3 tips - a launch day survival guide

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Don't let those Necromorph get you down

Dead Space 3 hits UK shelves today, a lushly adorned corridor crawler in which returning lead Isaac Clarke journeys to ice world Tau Volantis in search of living dead to stomp on. Our review haled the elegance with which such controversial additions as co-op, an exterior setting and a cover "system" have been integrated into the threequel, but criticised the game for its weak story and bland, recycled structure.... read more

Dead Space 3 tips - a launch day survival guide

Postby battfink83 » 12 Feb 2013, 23:28

ive found that the stasis coating attatchment has been a real help, it will slow down just about anything while your spraying rounds everywhere when shit starts to fly,

also here's a great tip guys. dont, whatever you do, put stasis coating on something explosive like a grenade launcher or rocket launcher, and NOT put a safety guard on it. when you blow something up close quarters, expect to be treated to a slow mo gib fest of issac's torso flying through the air minus a few limbs.... ')

is it just me or are people actually enjoying this game more than i thought? i am, i thought it would be mediocre at best, but its a damn good blast, yes its not scary in the slightest anymore, but the new focus is great, and the micro transaction nonsense isnt anywhere near as bad as i thought it would be, they simply are not needed in the slightest, lets hope most people think the same and they dont get used much.
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