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Army of Two hands-on: how Visceral wages war on Gears clones

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A cover shooter in which you can obliterate all the cover. Tickled?

There's a beautiful if overpoweringly blunt bit of irony at the heart of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, Visceral's first contribution to gaming's quintessential dudebro franchise. On the one hand, it's very obviously a cover shooter, one that blends Gears of War's heavy-footedness with Call of Duty's realworld arsenal and the faintest splash of Splinter Cell: Conviction.... read more

Army of Two hands-on: how Visceral wages war on Gears clones

Postby xPearse » 13 Feb 2013, 16:39

I don't think this Army of two will be any good, just looks like battlefield. Just copy and past all the destruction effects and probably weapons and vehicles then slap an army of two paint job on it. The worst thing is that your not even the guys from the first two games which is sad to say as how about a game were your not master chief. Oh wait they did and you know how those two games turned out, rubbish. EA always mess everything up when they have something good, just look at what happened to C&C 4.
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Re: Army of Two hands-on: how Visceral wages war on Gears cl

Postby Baryonyx » 21 Feb 2013, 19:35

I am slightly saddened that Salem and Rios won't be the focus of the game. I really liked them! But given the effort to give the game a welcome 'darker' tone, I think we should give the new guys a chance. I have always been an AO2 fan and I am really excited about this game. Bring it on!
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