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Crystal Dynamics "anxious" to "explore" multiplayer in futur

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Guardian of Light and Tomb Raider 2013 just the tip of the iceberg?

There was a lot of groaning and moaning on them thar interwebs when Crystal Dynamics announced that its Tomb Raider reboot would offer a competitive, progression-based multiplayer mode - I'll admit to contributing a little cynicism of my own. If you rank among the groaners and/or moaners, the below probably won't amuse: creative director Noah Hughes has told OXM that the studio will continue to "explore" multiplayer functionality in future titles.... read more

Crystal Dynamics "anxious" to "explore" multiplayer in futur

Postby Chameleon » 25 Feb 2013, 18:15

hoping it would have a lot of replay ability

read: "We don't like people buying pre-owned copies, so we thought if we just threw some MP in, some people might wait a little longer before trading in, in which time we might have sold more brand new copies. Actually... Hey! Hold the press, guys! Let's put some really awful and time-consuming MP achievements in. Some of the more OCD gamers might hold onto it even longer if we insist on putting a 'get to level 50' achievement in as well! That'll keep pre-owned off the shelf for a bit!"


Co-op, when done well, is often a good addition - Dead Space 3, by all accounts, is an exception. Competitive MP is, in a lot of games, completely unnecessary, and added in for the reasons outlined above, rather than to give the consumer what they actually want. Anyone who says otherwise is, IMO, misguided or lying their **** off.
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