Gears of War: Judgment hands-on - of Medal of Honor landings

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A combat tour of Seashell Hills and Onyx Point

Gears of War: Judgment is a project that's clearly coloured by modern first-person shooter priorities - to recap a couple of the key mechanical change-ups, COGs now wield a maximum of two guns, swapping between them with Y button, and those distinctive grenade bolas can now be cold-tossed by tapping the bumper. Cue outraged cries of "Call of Dutification" in the comments thread, no doubt - but the shooter Judgment references most obviously during our latest hands-on isn't, in fact, Activision's chart-topping powerhouse, but 2002's Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.... read more

Gears of War: Judgment hands-on - of Medal of Honor landings

Postby Bezza89 » 05 Mar 2013, 17:26

Might be worth mentioning you get GoW1 free with it.

I'm still not sold on it, take gears, make it a bit more about shooting things... and then people can fly at the helm... no, not one for me. Give it 10/10 across the board and then we'll talk, but me and Infinite have a date planned, and there's no third wheeling. Though we do have the schematics for a trike oddly, we'll ignore those.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
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Re: Gears of War: Judgment hands-on - of Medal of Honor land

Postby fracturedrich » 09 Mar 2013, 13:43

I love the gears franchise and have been playing online from day 1,this and forza are the reason that the ps have not got there claws into me,i hope this is a good send off before next gen because i will be playing a lot of this till the new hardware hits the shelves.I like the idea that changes have been made ive heard its faster and more intense,those two words right there will make me take the chance.Ime not to happy about the exclusives,ps seem to have the better with some big releases over the past few months,ime hoping that ms are playing the long game with that and we will reap the benefits next year.Oh i forgot about halo,thats another reason.
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