DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

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I've been playing Devil May Cry since it came out. If I may pop into my Bristolian accent for a moment, I'd just like to say that I bloody loves at. As such, this review of this slightly less impressive DLC package is probably going to refer to how much I bloody loves the main game, with particular reference to why Vergil's six-mission extension isn't quite as great.... read more

DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby Johnbhoy69 » 08 Mar 2013, 21:41

so how badly did it do sales wise?
Its a solid game, bit more interaction between Dante and Vergil was needed though.
A level where they fight together defeating demons would of made the climax more epic I think
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DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby GossipHound » 08 Mar 2013, 21:49

Should revert to your Brizzle accent more often Log. Being from the Cider City myself would like to see more proper talk being used :D The revolution starts here! Now where's me daps to?
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Re: DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby kevicus12 » 08 Mar 2013, 23:07

I didn't know sales were poor for DmC. Shame. Thoroughly decent game. It's clear that Ninja Theory have learnt a lot after Enslaved (which I also thought was a decent game and had one of the best opening levels of any recent game in it's class).
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Re: DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby Alaric14 » 09 Mar 2013, 12:49

I got this for free as part of a pre-order deal, so I probably enjoyed Vergil's Downfall more than I would have if I had paid extra for it...If that makes any sense at all.

The animated cutscenes got on my nerves just a tad, because we all know what Ninja Theory can do with motion capture tech, but story wise this was a nice little set up for what could be happening in DmC 2, gods permitting. I kind of disagree with Mr. Blyth's perspective that Vergil's a poor substitute for Dante; the best way I can describe it is to say that if Dante's a meat cleaver, Vergil's a scalpel. And you can do a lot of damage with a scalpel if you really take the time to learn your stuff. In short, the learning curve for using Vergil effectively is much harder and you need to forget how you played as Dante in order to ascend to those godly SSS ranks with him.
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Re: DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby fracturedrich » 09 Mar 2013, 13:31

Three dream runners do test your metal that's for sure.I love this game and that is something for me.I never liked games like this because i was never any good on them.However fifty something hours in and ive really got a taste for them now,in fact ive just gone and bought bayonetta and dmc4.I completed son of sparda the other day and anyone who says its easy must be mad.Ime as addicted to this game as much now as i was when i first played it,ive learnt every move off by heart and still come up with new ways of killing the enemy.Any game you can play through more than twice must be a great game,the way the enemy is remixed when you go for higher difficulty is really clever,my favourite when the witch is used to protect the already difficult dream runners is something.The only gripe is i wish there was a few more moves to master,i hope they can work on that in the future.I dont understand why people would spam the axe to get sss,how boring is that,this game is made for you to switch moves with ease,why would you just hold right trigger when there is so much more if you try.I also love the scoring system which lets you constantly test against yourself and others.I bought the add on today and am looking forward to playing as virgil over the weekend.This is goty so far for me and come on the battle with succubus is funny,great game and cant wait for more by the same people.
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Re: DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby msbhvn » 09 Mar 2013, 13:41

Playing DmC on PC at the moment and it looks stunning. Dante's face is particularly expressive in the cutscenes. It's very much a Western game in contrast to the very Japanese originals, but that's not a bad thing. The story makes sense for a start, and the characters actually say what they mean.

The combat, which I was very suspicious Ninja Theory couldn't pull off, is silky smooth and responsive. It doesn't throw too much complexity at you at once, and the number of weapons and abilities builds up gradually, giving you time to figure out how to use them before you get another.

I didn't get DmC on release because the demo put me off, the Succubus boss fight has probably the worst cutscene in the game so far and then it gliched on me, but the glitch was patched recently. I was also expecting Platinum to be able to do justice to Metal Gear Revengeance, which in a shock twist, they weren't.

I'll save this DLC for after I've finished the main game, if you have to unlearn all of Dante's moves to play Vergil.
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Re: DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall

Postby Dante x Yamato » 16 Mar 2013, 20:50

I'm stuck in the top dozen on the total score leaderboards. To get 1# not only do you need to take no damage but you also need to maximise your style. Annoying when vergil doesnt give much style in the first place. Oh well, I'll get there eventually.
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