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The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update: seven things to do while

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There's more to life than patching

There was a time when the extraordinary popularity of Minecraft round these parts was a source of amusement, of rueful chuckling and head-shaking. But today, I signed into our CMS and was terrified to discover that this year-old game is presently 1100% per cent more searched-for than Grand Theft Auto 5. Not heard of GTA 5? No, I guess you wouldn't have. It's kind of like Minecraft - only with more swearing, hookers, helicopters, receding hairlines and toilets - and it's supposed to be 2013's biggest release. Supposed to be.... read more

The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update: seven things to do while

Postby michaelm21 » 09 Mar 2013, 17:50

The news about Minecraft being 1100% more searched than GTA V on OXM is not surprising.

Minecraft was released almost a year ago, and was an incredibly popular game even before its release on 360, while GTA V is still more than six months off, not to mention the mountain of Minecraft articles published by OXM over the last 12 months.
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Re: The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update: seven things to do w

Postby Dante x Yamato » 28 Mar 2013, 18:20

Although I'd like to think minecraft is 11 times as good as GTA5 it probably isn't. It would have just been searched that much cos of the updates and for the wiki pages . . .
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