Tomb Raider "Making of" reveals demon giants, horseback comb

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Reboot's decidedly wacky origins explored

We already knew that this year's Tomb Raider reboot wasn't always a "gritty", down-to-earth survival story. We knew that Crystal discarded a number of ideas during development - most notably a young female companion for Lara, possibly modelled on the likes of Yorda from ICO and Trip from Enslaved.... read more

Tomb Raider "Making of" reveals demon giants, horseback comb

Postby Metalrodent » 18 Mar 2013, 15:35

I'd want both - this actual game looks pretty cool and decent (with a mostly positive reaction from the forums) but these images do look pretty awesome
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Re: Tomb Raider "Making of" reveals demon giants, horseback

Postby Gazisdaman » 18 Mar 2013, 16:27

Honestly, I find the new Lara to be a rather dull character, I also very much dislike the voice that they used for her. I find her to be a whiny and uninspiring person, who's character progression appears to not transfer at all from the cutscenes and even in them it's pretty basic. I wanted Lara to be a tough person which they have failed to portray, mind you I haven't finished the game yet, I got so fed up of her constant whining that I couldn't carry on.
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Re: Tomb Raider "Making of" reveals demon giants, horseback

Postby Adam Bisset » 18 Mar 2013, 20:41

Interesting that Enslaved was mentioned - the derelict industrial aesthetic of some of the Yamati locations reminded me a lot of that game. The new Tomb Raider is also the first game I've played since Enslaved where I've actually had an emotional investment in the characters.
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