Fuse interview: a great shooter that's doomed to fail?

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Insomniac's Ted Price on the scariness of evolution

Watching this console generation wind down is kind of like watching a game of musical chairs. Insomniac's sci-fi cover shooter Fuse is one of the few remaining games that hasn't found a seat yet, pegged uneasily for release between April and June. It doesn't take a genius to unravel EA's difficulty here - Fuse is an unproven IP that appears to trade (and in fairness, often does trade) on received ideas, beset by doubts about style since its inception, and launching into a market that's thirsty for new hardware. It's an extremely intelligent shooter, boasting all sorts of beguiling little eccentricities, but one suspects it'll take more than smart firefights and novel weaponry to break into the big time.... read more

Fuse interview: a great shooter that's doomed to fail?

Postby Gazisdaman » 21 Mar 2013, 18:20

The reason that this will not do well is that it's a drop in the ocean, sure it has a few new features here and there and maybe a little genuine innovation but nowadays every man and his dog is touting the same stuff and that means that new IP's that aren't actually anything new are destined to fail to the already established ones. It may be a great shooter, it may have excellent mechanics and AI and everything else but none of that is new, none of it is different and that's why it seems bland and that there is no buzz, because no-one is interested, frankly I'm surprised that this game even got this far into development.
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