Tekken X Street Fighter could go next gen - Namco reconsider

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Producer anticipates a future where "platform" doesn't mean "hardware"

Tekken X Street Fighter is, in theory, a current generation game. Except we've heard nary a word of it from either Capcom or Namco lately, and the current generation now resembles a crumbling cliff edge. Will this cross-over fighter make the leap to future platforms? According to producer Katsuhiro Harada, there's a distinct possibility it will.... read more

Tekken X Street Fighter could go next gen - Namco reconsider

Postby SilentDark » 22 Mar 2013, 12:23

I certainly like Harada's take on DLC, DLC should be a little something extra, new characters with new move sets (and more importantly, people who don't buy the DLC and therefore can't practice against DLC characters are left at a disadvantage) are not something that should be available as DLC and it certainly shouldn't be DLC if the content is on the disc.

A shame that they want to hold off, the flame wars that this could have started...-sigh- :twisted:
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