Independent thinking: how 2012's best XBLA games were made

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Behind the scenes of seven indie heavyweights

While big companies like Atari, Midway and THQ have collapsed trying to get their games on shop shelves, independent developers have thrived on digital platforms. We spoke to the people behind some of the best Xbox Live Arcade games of 2012 to find out how they did it.... read more

Independent thinking: how 2012's best XBLA games were made

Postby fracturedrich » 24 Mar 2013, 14:06

I bought sperlunky on day 1 and still play every other day,it really is a great platform game,the way it changes every time so one game is never the same helps with the replay value.I have never botherd with many arcade titles before only trails hd.Last year and this, the arcade games have really grown and now make up for a large amount of my game collection.Ime really looking forward to terraria and state of decay and i no theres one or two looking forward to a little series called walking dead.I hope that torchlight 2 will find its way to xbla in the near future.I hope that release of terraria is soon ive heard 27th,can you guys shed any light on that one for us.
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