Blacklist: Jade Raymond on what developers need to compete n

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Ubisoft Toronto boss talks AI, emotion, economics and online

The Guardian has a rather interesting interview with known interesting interviewee Jade Raymond, about what to expect of next generation hardware. Like a good churnalist, I'm going to copy-paste large chunks of it.... read more

Blacklist: Jade Raymond on what developers need to compete n

Postby Bezza89 » 26 Mar 2013, 11:21

Better headline; Jade Raymond confirms new mafia based game, talks a load of rubbish in between.

Not sure I care about faces in games, not at the major expense she is implying, Mass Effect is fine - I certainly don't stop playing when they make facial expressions or maybe their lips don't move with the muscles of the face like in real life, I'd rather they spend the money on something good, like writers, and not the ones who do cliched crappy TV (anyone watch Arrow?), get some HBO class writers, or just some good writers - I'm sure novellists are cheaper and no less useful, they probably don't have the star quality you want to advertise...

Sounds like games are getting a bit big brothery, you're always connected, someones always watching how you game, they're putting in weird multiplayer so they can come in and spy on you. Market research of the most anal variety. Oh look Jade, one player has been staring at the elevator button for 30 minutes, seeing as we're frenchish and therefore maybe idiots, we'll summate that players love elevators, and buttons, not that he is away from the screen.

Am I exaggerating though? Yes. But if you're a conspiracy nut there's plenty to pluck.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
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