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Eidos Montreal's Thief reveal trailer is actually nine month

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First CGI footage of stealth opus rings a little familiar

Eidos Montreal's first Thief trailer leaked a few hours ahead of time over the weekend, and there was accordingly much gleeful punning from headline writers. Think "Thief trailer sneaks past guards", "Garrett breaks curfew", etc. Thing is, Garrett's been in the wild for quite a while longer - the trailer is an extended version of Eric Wong's lighting and compositing portfolio reel, first spotted online in June 2012.... read more

Eidos Montreal's Thief reveal trailer is actually nine month

Postby Johnbhoy69 » 02 Apr 2013, 12:11

I think Thief was the first PC game I ever played....and it was hard as hell
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Re: Eidos Montreal's Thief reveal trailer is actually nine m

Postby Toby Liversedge » 02 Apr 2013, 14:02

Played all the past Thief's and loved them. Been waiting for a new one for years. Hopefully Eidos will go the way of Dishonoured and give you the option to go full 'ghost' stealth or swords swinging or a mixture of the two. I personally loved the ghost method. Took longer but much more satisfying.
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