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"Our goal is to create the perfect Battlefield movie" - Bach

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DICE Executive Producer pooh-poohs motion control, graphics without gameplay

In an interview on Edge Online, Battlefield 4 Executive Producer Patrick Bach has revealed more about EA's upcoming bombastic shooter.... read more

"Our goal is to create the perfect Battlefield movie" - Bach

Postby Gazisdaman » 16 Apr 2013, 18:37

Ha, Sweden! I see what you did there. :wink:
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Re: "Our goal is to create the perfect Battlefield movie" -

Postby Dave2123 » 17 Apr 2013, 03:08

The problem with the last game's single player was that it was like a movie!! It seemed that most of the time it was loading scenes, cut scenes, and scenes where you were playing but you couldn't do anything (like in a car) as opposed to actual gameplay. Proper gameplay was probably only a half of my overall play time, which wasn't even 10 hours anyway. DICE really need to step up their single player if they want to compete with COD and not just rely on multiplayer like in Battlefield 3. I only just played BF3 and I can hardly describe the characters or the plot, but Black Ops 1, which I haven't played for a year, I can describe in detail. I know for BF4 these are the things they're meant to be improving, but I won't believe it until i see it. BF3 had great potential (obviously the multiplayer was a bit better than COD, Halo etc.) and I hope this potential is fulfilled in BF4.
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Re: "Our goal is to create the perfect Battlefield movie" -

Postby Zinzan44 » 18 Apr 2013, 13:06

"Our goal is to create the perfect Battlefield movie"

Oh, dear god... Just thought I should remind Dice that this is a "GAME" not a movie.

Another bore fest mono-rail shooter full of non-stop QTE (Quick time events) so you can enjoy a "Hollywood" like experience.

In essence I'd argue that that's the very problem with games currently, they keep aiming for this cinematic heavy cheap thrills approach but hey what ever makes a quick buck right?
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