Interview: Eidos Montreal's Level Designer on Thief

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Words stolen from his mouth

Last years' Dishonored may have stolen Thief's clothes, but if there was ever a franchise likely to steal them back, it's Eidos' classic low-fantasy. After all these years Garrett is returning and Eidos Montreal has the duty of assuaging his legions of fans, whilst appealing to the new crowd. We caught up with the massively-named Lead Level Designer Daniel Windfield Schmidt to talk about all things stolen.... read more

Interview: Eidos Montreal's Level Designer on Thief

Postby Dave2123 » 17 Apr 2013, 03:32

This game looks fantastic and I'm really looking forward to it. I never played the other games so this is exciting. However, I didn't like the fact he mentioned someone sitting down and completing it in a day. Isn't it open world? I'd expect 50 hours minimum. Also found it interesting how Dan had to ask 3 times about whether you would feel guilty about your actions. No is the answer, which might mean that, unfortunately, you don't get the connection with Garrett as we expect from modern games - the emotion when something happens to your character etc.. However, it does look good.

p.s. Either Dan's grammar and punctuation is weird or, the more likely, the guy who's being interviewed has a very erratic and not very clear speaking style; it was a struggle to understand the message he was trying to convey at times. I know it's meant to be exact to what he said, but a little tweaking of what interviewees say could be helpful.
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Re: Interview: Eidos Montreal's Level Designer on Thief

Postby Xbox11 » 17 Apr 2013, 14:31

Sounding really good, I just hope it lives up to our expectations , I remember and love the original Thief series so this will be a definite first day purchase.
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