Microsoft hasn't forgotten indies, says Press Play - "they'r

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"I don't think Microsoft would have acquired us if they weren't interested in indies."

Is PlayStation Network becoming the new home of independent development, ousting the mighty Xbox Live Arcade? Does Microsoft's decision to cease support for the long-running XNA development toolset mean that it's less interested in small fry developers nowadays? Not a bit of it, says Press Play's lead designer Mikkel Thorsted, one of the minds behind promising platformer Max and the Curse of Brotherhood.... read more

Microsoft hasn't forgotten indies, says Press Play - "they'r

Postby ABitOfACock » 24 Apr 2013, 12:33

maybe it is because I am tired...

maybe it is because I have a pretty childish sense of humour...

or maybe it is because I have nothing better to do with my time...

but am I the only one who at first glance read this as "Microsoft forgets undies" ??? and "they're heading in the right direction"

I expected to scroll down to see a screenshot of bill gates mooning at us and making a joke about a different type of "backwards compatibility"

yaaaay... I'm like the human version of a carry on film...

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