Darksiders 3 won't release this year, Nordic doesn't want to

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"I'm sure we can find a solution for at least one of the IPs, or a few of the IPs, this year."

Nordic Games was on the blower to GameInformer last night, discussing plans for the licenses it has acquired from the remains of THQ. Long story short: there won't be a new Darksiders game this year, but CEO Lars Wingefors is confident he can find a "solution" for one or more of the IPs this year. Whether that entails actual new games this year is up to guesswork.... read more

Darksiders 3 won't release this year, Nordic doesn't want to

Postby Johnbhoy69 » 24 Apr 2013, 18:37

Darksiders 2 had its moments but utimately I felt it was taken in the wrong direction and the plot added nothing to the plight of War trying to prove his innocence.
Too many puzzles breaking up simplistic combat. The areas were nice, fairly large but completely empty.

A reboot is the only way forward and in my opinion I hope they make it darker in theme and design. more threatening enemies instead of unoriginal armoured skeletons everywhere would be a good idea also.
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Darksiders 3 won't release this year, Nordic doesn't want to

Postby Organic Carrot » 24 Apr 2013, 18:40

I'm so glad someone bought the rights to Darksiders. The games had so much potential and I found it sad that they were to be cancelled half way through. I'm glad Nordic is taking their time to make a great sequel to Darksiders 2. The game was great but still needed a little rounding off to make it a fantastic experience.

I hoping that Darksiders 3 will introduce the other two horsemen, Fury and Strife. Maybe it could be an experiment in co-op gameplay. Darksiders 4 can then bring all four horsemen together for a final, and epic, conclusion. Fingers crossed!
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Re: Darksiders 3 won't release this year, Nordic doesn't wan

Postby MarcDelosSantos » 19 Sep 2013, 15:22

They will continue darksiders cause the two comets that hit the earth are still not found fury and strife are not introduced in the game 1 and 2
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