FIFA 14 Career Mode gets new, more realistic Global Scouting

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"You're no longer searching for players with hard numbers and attributes."

FIFA 14 producer Sebastian Enrique has shed a little more light on the new FIFA's Career Mode, and in particular its scouting system. I won't pretend to understand a single word of what follows - my approach to football has always been one of fear-scented apathy. But you? Perhaps you're made of sterner, better-informed stuff.... read more

FIFA 14 Career Mode gets new, more realistic Global Scouting

Postby fracturedrich » 26 Apr 2013, 13:14

There is already a scouting system,so nothing to get excited about yet.I am a fifa and pro evo veteran of old and have give a large proportion of my life to the cause,not to proud of that one to be truthful and my fiance would be rolling round the floor howling with laughter if she read that i admit to such a thing.I love football more than anything so fifa has been a great game for me over the years.My weekend consist of watching many live footy matches and playing many online and offline games of footy.I prefer career mode and for the scouting to get better we could do with getting rid of numbers all together,dont ask me how they would do this but in real life managers dont have numbers to go on,they rely on scout's to watch players for them.Last years fifa was the best so far but it was way to easy to score,so that needs to be worked on.
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode gets new, more realistic Global Scou

Postby Aaron Smyser » 26 Apr 2013, 15:53

Does this scouting apply to the youth academy?

Or is this just for existing players?
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Postby GameGod699 » 26 Apr 2013, 21:56

I cant wait till this game is available to buy!! :D
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