GTA 5 gameplay first look - video preview with brand new det

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Jonty talks Ed through Rockstar's return to Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5 could be Rockstar's best work - not simply larger and better-featured than its predecessor, but equipped with an interesting new core mission structure, multiple protagonists offering different perspectives on the narrative, and a mysterious, reportedly earth-shattering multiplayer component. OXM's Jonty saw the game last month, and the below GTA 5 video preview is the result. Pull up a pew and have a listen.... read more

GTA 5 gameplay first look - video preview with brand new det

Postby GHOSTY05 » 02 May 2013, 17:56

I Pulled this from another site:-

They all also have one special ability, which can be instigated for limited periods of time. When Franklin's in a vehicle, he can slow down time to get sharper handling, perhaps to avoid a police stinger or navigate through a road block. Trevor can double his weapon damage for brief bursts of hyper-violence, halving the damage he takes in the process. And Michael, who already resembles a slightly older, more puffy Max Payne, gets a variant on bullet time. Once again, the more these skills are used successfully, the more they evolve.

So Trevor has the ability to double weapon damage

Michael has Max Payne bullet time

Franklin can slow time and improve driving

I even read there is a whole eco-system such as red dead with animals everywhere!

It seems rockstar really are listening to the fans as stats, buying properties, and even car customization are all back!!!!!!

Very exciting stuff.
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