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Indie developers cry out for self-publishing on Xbox One

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"It feels like a lost opportunity," says Born Ready

According to a Shacknews report, Microsoft has no plans to abandon its policy of obliging game developers to partner with either a third party publisher or Microsoft Game Studios in order to release on Xbox Live. Indies aren't too happy about that, it seems.... read more

Indie developers cry out for self-publishing on Xbox One

Postby PonderingWalrus » 25 May 2013, 02:02

A real shame. I've never really spent much time or money on Xbox Live Indie Games but have bought a few over the years which I have (mostly) enjoyed to some degree. It's unfortunate Microsoft are ditching it rather than expanding it.
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Re: Indie developers cry out for self-publishing on Xbox One

Postby Alaric14 » 27 May 2013, 14:47

I've already talked about this in the 'Why I'm Looking Forward to Xbox One' comment thread, but I'll do so again because it really is a travesty of a business decision to shut out the independent developers.

These are the guys who, five or ten years down the line, will be making games that define new generations of developers and gamers - assuming they're not doing so already. Why are Microsoft so keen not to allow them access to its new platform, when so many other devices (including high spec PCs, by the way) clearly - VERY clearly - demonstrate that consumers en masse spend more money on small digital products? The independent game is a cross-spectrum product, appealing to people who wouldn't even refer to themselves as 'gamers', and with all this talk about "letting your devices talk to each other" and "making your gaming experience more personalised" you would think Microsoft would want to capitalise on it, rather than shove it aside.

For Microsoft to think that the independent developer isn't going places, to put up these walls around what it assumes is a flourishing marketplace with or without indie or Arcade games, is a surefire sign of big league temper tantrums. It also demonstrates that they're assuming loyal Xbox followers - like me - will stick around regardless. And we won't. I support gaming culture as a diverse and inclusive whole, and I'm proud to play big releases like Call of Duty and Mass Effect alongside small games like Braid, Castle Crashers, and Dear Esther.

There's an excellent article on that people should read if they want more context on this madness.
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Re: Indie developers cry out for self-publishing on Xbox One

Postby TheAlpaca » 27 May 2013, 19:30

To me, it seems Microsoft are trying to milk everything and anything dry. There is no chance of independent developers making it on to the scene when there going to be charged to the heavens to get games out there. From the reveal event I'm sorry to say, I'm extremely disappointed in the Xbox one.
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