CastleStorm Xbox 360

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CastleStorm Xbox 360

Postby schwepterbrowser » 29 May 2013, 17:49

Had my eye on this for a while. I'll likely purchase it tonight.
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Re: CastleStorm Xbox 360

Postby fracturedrich » 01 Jun 2013, 13:51

A nine eh,well that is a high score guy's,there must be some mistake.Well i bought it as i had 800 points spare,is it a nine on it,s own then the answer is no.However put the price and the game together then it is a ten for me,by far the best 6 quid or so i have ever spent.It is a great little game and better than most of the higher priced xbla games out there,i hope they make another one with more stuff to upgrade.The castle builder is brilliant idea,it's very addictive and so simple,when i first seen the price it put me off but this review spurned me on to try it,thanks guys.
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Re: CastleStorm Xbox 360

Postby ezeejay » 02 Jul 2013, 12:30

I would advise anyone with xboxlive gold to get this game, its best i played on xboxlive arcade in ages with great offline campaign and deep multiplayer versus mode. Just try the demo at least...Only 800mp bargain. loads of good content here, plus graphics are pretty good 4 arcade game. 9/10 allday
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