Rayman Legends hands-on - 90% love, 10% angry love

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I've always had a crawling and irrational sense of discomfort when it comes to French animation. The elongated and over-inflated caricatures of Belleville Rendezvous make my gullet rise. The 1980s series Robo Story features a character called The White Wriggler, an obsequious bad guy who had a gleaming white bell-end for a head. Watching Asterix made me feel hollow and sad. It was the colours, sounds, and animation of Rayman Origins that finally cured me of a prejudice that was beginning to feel like xenophobia. So thanks, Rayman, for making me a less hateful person.... read more

Rayman Legends hands-on - 90% love, 10% angry love

Postby Decent_Jam » 30 May 2013, 18:14

I played a little of this on Wii U in a shop and found it quite entertaining and different enough from Origins to actually feel different. Given the fun I had (especially NOT split-screen with the gf) I will definitely be picking this one up.

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