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Dark Souls 2 class videos reveal Dual Swordsman, Sorcerer, W

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Speedy types rule in new gameplay footage

Famitsu's got hold of four new Dark Souls 2 gameplay videos, showcasing four new character classes - the Warrior, Temple Knight, Sorcerer and Dual Swordsman. Aoife and I have just been discussing the options, and the consensus is that the Sorcerer's going to kick arse against entry-level competitors in PvP. That wide ice sword attack looks pretty hard to dodge.... read more

Dark Souls 2 class videos reveal Dual Swordsman, Sorcerer, W

Postby Baryonyx » 25 Jun 2013, 18:52

The Temple Knight looks pretty good with that halberd.
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Re: Dark Souls 2 class videos reveal Dual Swordsman, Sorcere

Postby SidTheSloth » 25 Jun 2013, 19:01

Jesus, have they been to the 'Assassins Creed' school of marketing for the sequel? We heard squat about the first (well, second) game and there's so much info now about #2 i kinda feel like i've already played it? :|

(Ok, i exaggerate and have avoided reading said articles as half the fun is in the discovery, but if i think that, and a lot of fans think that, why do the publishers/devs not get that?!) :?
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