Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their demise

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And the six games that sealed the deal

It's heart-breaking when a development studio responsible for a game or series that you love closes down. Often, you'll remember them for the good times - the stand-out, stellar high points of their career - and not the decisions or titles that ultimately doomed them. Inevitably though, some studios come to be defined by their final release. We've taken a look at six such developers below.... read more

Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their demise

Postby Plamsa wing » 01 Jul 2013, 19:24

On the bright side, didn't the founders of Ensemble Studios set up Robot Entertainment?

Shame about Timegate, but after the lack of a new Kohan and the way they handled Section 8, which I thought was one of the best FPS of this generation, I can't say I feel that sad about them. Their last saving grace was Minimum, but after Square Enix dropped out and TG got into trouble at the end, it was a fools chance at best.

On a side note: I know it's developers, but why no THQ or even the devs that didn't survive?

On another more humorous side note: Why no Bioware? :wink:
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Re: Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their de

Postby Drainwater » 01 Jul 2013, 22:45

I had high hopes for L.A. Noire, but for some reason it just didn't grab me. I wanted to like it...
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Re: Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their de

Postby PCG The_B » 02 Jul 2013, 04:02

One that springs to my mind - despite their demise not happening on 360 - was Realtime Worlds. On paper - founded by Dave Jones of DMA who created GTA and Lemmings, and folks from 90's developer Rage - they should have been prolific. Their debut game - Crackdown was an amazing, much loved open-world launch title for the 360.

Then they decided to make APB - an ambitious crime themed MMO that was released for PC. And sadly, it bombed taking Realtime Worlds with it. Crackdown as a series lives on, but Realtime Worlds are no longer with us. Can't help but wonder what would have happened had they stayed on the Crackdown series.
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Re: Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their de

Postby TomAZ600 » 02 Jul 2013, 07:41

LA Noire and the Saboteur were two of my favourite games. LA Noire is the only game I can play openly with my mum since she likes the interrogation parts of it since she is in to all those crime shows. But Timesplitters Future Perfect is the game I'm throwing into the ring, I know they made Haze afterwards but I'm saying Timesplitters since it is one of my favourite games of all time. I would also like to give a nod to both Split/Second and Blur and Blood Stone from Black Rock and Bizarre Creations respectively, three brilliant games there.
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Re: Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their de

Postby Silence Sean » 03 Jul 2013, 10:09

Saboteur was a... Decent game. Like a Yorkie it probably was "not for girls" seeing as the main base was a strip club and the extra content was nude dancing...

The story was basic, the humor crass and the driving was simple but hell, who doesn't love the smell of cordite in the occupied parisian morning.
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