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Xbox Live Sale: Mortal Kombat GoD, DLC characters, Mortal Ko

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Freddy Kreuger is the victim of a slash attack, for once

What with all the excitement over free Assassin's Creed 2 and Capcom bargains earlier, we completely forgot to write up this week's Deal of the Week. It's Mortal Kombat-flavoured. I honestly can't play the new Mortal Kombat, myself - all the X-ray bone-crunching gives me the wibbles. But you, perhaps you're made of sterner stuff.... read more

Xbox Live Sale: Mortal Kombat GoD, DLC characters, Mortal Ko

Postby Arm Fall Off Mav » 18 Jul 2013, 13:29

No Skarlet? Either way , I am a bit tempted by this , never played MK9 online and have noticed some of the Injustice crowd have moved over there recently. Not me and Golli though , we are the Ryu and Ken of Injustice! With msbhvn as Guile.

Plasma gets to be Dan Hibiki :lol: Just kidding.
They call me Hadouken 'cos I'm down right fierce!
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