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Cloudberry Kingdom

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Abject failure has never been so adorable

Cloudberry Kingdom is a crafty little bugger. It's that syrupy sweet name; put it together with the game's bubblegum visuals and you'd expect nothing dangerous or unpleasant, save perhaps a minor toothache. But beware - in truth, Cloudberry is out to spoil a lot more than your appetite.... read more

Cloudberry Kingdom

Postby Bugsquat » 01 Aug 2013, 09:40

The top picture has purple obstacles and a blue background, and the bottom picture has blue obstacles and a purple background. Just thought I'd share that :D *

I was giving this one some thought - I like to play these stylized 2D platformers - but beating the infinite generated levels doesn't sound quite so appealing as beating levels crafted by a level designer. I may still give it a look in though.

*EDIT: The bottom picture that is actually a video.
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Re: Cloudberry Kingdom

Postby marvz » 01 Aug 2013, 20:40

but soon loses its flavour... NOTTTT even close. if anything it gains more flavor and variety as you progress. lots more abilities and change ups to keep it fresh. 9/10 from me :shock:
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