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Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer - Splash Damage throws do

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A huge chat with creative director Alastair Cornish about the online offerings

When Warner announced a multiplayer mode for Batman: Arkham Origins - a game that's already a source of fan anxiety, given that it hasn't been developed by Rocksteady Studios - there was lamentation. Had publishers learned nothing from the failure of Tomb Raider's online mode, cried Arkham veterans? Wouldn't the introduction of multiplayer simply dilute the franchise's strengths, diverting resources away from the creation of fantastic single player scenarios?... read more

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer - Splash Damage throws do

Postby crippyd » 18 Sep 2013, 15:59

Despite initial reservations, I think the multi player is going to be a good showing. It certainly looks an interesting prospect and addition to the Arkham games.
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