The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

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Log and Craig do battle over the future of free-to-play

Bam! Oof! Eek! Don't fret, children, you haven't wandered onto the set of a Jason Statham movie - it's just our latest Hot Topic, in which Log and Craig Owens swap flaming word-punches over the question of free-to-play on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Is this the end of the line for old-fashioned, £40 or £50 all-in gaming? Or can upfront payments coexist with the younger business models?... read more

The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

Postby Time-Bomb » 27 Sep 2013, 16:29

I have nothing to say but will echo the words of Log. Paying to win just sucks, and being asked to pay money every five seconds ruins the immersion.

Playing a free-to-play game and noticing all the padlocks and price tags just makes it feel like you're playing a shoddy skeleton of a possibly great game, so there's no real point in them being free to begin with. Use demos to entice customers, not terrible versions of the game.
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Re: The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

Postby msbhvn » 27 Sep 2013, 16:32

Log very cleverly summed up how I feel about free-to-play when he said that F2P games are more like salesmen than entertainers.
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Re: The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

Postby CR33D » 27 Sep 2013, 16:50

While i agree with Log 100% and i hate the F2P model i still think there is a place for it.

Most F2P games almost force you to pay or stop playing, It may be OP enemy's and players or Grinding becomes too much.
But not all F2P games are bad Ascend has done a good job. (In beta now so it may change) you can play the whole game without spending a penny.

The model is great it's just done wrong, A game i used to play a while a go would have 2 memberships. The 1st would get the whole game free and all items. But the 2nd would get extra maps/quests/items added to the game. This worked great because they didn't take anything from the game and make you pay for it but they added stuff for the paying members.

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Re: The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

Postby CunningSmile » 27 Sep 2013, 17:41

Since Fable 3 was recently given away I think we've all been given an insight into the future of F2P on consoles: press pause and EVERY SINGLE TIME all I heard was "buy stuff, we have stuff to sell you and you haven't bought anything for ten minutes". No thanks
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Re: The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

Postby G00N3R » 27 Sep 2013, 19:10

As with many of these kind of debates, the real answer is "it depends on the kind of game".

A single player story driven game such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age cannot be done free to play. Or, well, okay yeah you probably could do it, but it would not be a fun experience. Imagine getting the briefing for the next mission, with a message "pay £5 to unlock". Or having to spend hours away from the story, grinding XP to unlock a new weapon.

If the £40/$60 singleplayer part of gaming dies, I'll probably buy about 2 games a year.

Free to play can work in multiplayer, but it can also be abused by the developers, so we have to be careful as consumers to not allow the concept to be pushed too far. Paying for hats that don't affect gameplay is okay. Paying for weapons that make you more powerful is absolutely not.
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Re: The Hot Topic - Is full-priced gaming dying?

Postby Johnbhoy69 » 29 Sep 2013, 19:47

Free to play takes any challenge out of a game. Instead of leveling characters up enough to beat that boss you have been stuck on or earning enough in game currency to purchase better equipment for a tough mission all you'll need to do to win is keep throwing money at the developers. Not a very satisfying gaming experience in my opinion.

If more and more games choose this option I can see my interest in gaming waning rapidly. Gaming will become something only those with fat bank accounts will be able to afford.
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