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How Alfred "challenges" Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origin

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Players can visit their butler in the Batcave to seek his sage advice

Batman: Arkham Origins launches this Friday. As anyone following the game's development will know, it's an origins story taking place on the Christmas Eve of the second year in Bruce's career as the Dark Knight, when he meets some of the villains that come to define his role as Gotham's protector. What hasn't been touched on quite so much, however, is that Origins will also explore Batman's relationships with several of his closest allies. Most important among these? Alfred Pennyworth.... read more

How Alfred "challenges" Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origin

Postby CunningSmile » 21 Oct 2013, 13:56

I do feel that Bruce's relationship with Alfred, though key to who he is and how he acts, has gone largely unexplored in previous Arkham games, so it's good to see Mr Pennyworth in the spotlight for once.

Agreed. In the comics set during these era I've always liked the fact that Alfred is obviously torn between the fact he is the only family Bruce has, and more importantly feels like family, and the fact he can't say too much to the man who pays him to be there. I've always had this feeling of Alfred looking at Bruce as a stroppy teenager and thinking "OK, I'll let him study criminology and hopefully he'll out grow it...OK I'll let him travel the world and learn martial arts and hopefully he'll get it out of his system...OK he's dressed as a giant bat and shouldn't this phase he's going through have ended by now?" It'll be interesting to see how he goes from that mind set to realising that Gotham needs Batman at least as much as Bruce needs Batman.
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Re: How Alfred "challenges" Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Or

Postby msbhvn » 21 Oct 2013, 18:01

My favourite joke about Batman and Alfred:

Batman: Alfred, that sandwich was awful!
Alfred: Do you know what I did to the last person that said that, Master Wayne?
Batman: No, what?
Alfred: I hired a junkie to shoot her and her husband in an alley.
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Re: How Alfred "challenges" Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Or

Postby SilentDark » 21 Oct 2013, 18:06

Ohhh, that's really dark, hillarious, but dark.
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Re: How Alfred "challenges" Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Or

Postby TronZler » 21 Oct 2013, 22:07

Cant wait to chuck on my Batsuit again on friday to fight the good fight lol It keeps my Joker/Bane tendencies to leave me for a while! :lol:
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